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Chere Roebuck

Changing how you feel, one muscle at a time. I’ve been practicing massage for 7 years. A friend of mine introduced me to massage after asking me to come and aid her in her journey of becoming a massage therapist.  I went, I enjoyed it and signed up the very next day. My background in Hospitality Management and providing exceptional customer service is something I have prided myself on and I knew I could take on this new and exciting career. Although I was taught and trained by some of the best licensed massage instructors and a boss chiropractor at the Cortiva Institute, I continue to challenge myself to actively keep learning and currently offer a variety of techniques tailored to meet each individual’s needs. I specialize in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, therapeutic to active stretching, I can work with your body to get you feeling like you should again. I am currently based out of Grand Prairie / Arlington, TX area in a local spa. I provide mobile massage services across the DFW area and am also certified in Illinois. I educate and provide a range of services including sports massage techniques with some elite athletes out of my hometown of Chicago, Ill.  Desk jockeys, weekend warriors, stretched to near breaking Moms and Dads, let me show you what reclaiming your body and your sanity feels like. I enjoy working with teens to teach them how to be comfortable  and appreciate taking the time for massage. I always go step by step with new clients, to ensure their safety, set the boundary and receive the desired results from each session. I am passionate about my work and detailed oriented.  I love what I do and want to show you just how you can start to see changes in how your  sleep improves, the way you walk, that chronic pain in your neck? Allow me to ease those muscles to relax and improve your posture.  When I’m not massaging,  I’m at home with my husband of 17+ years and our two teens, Nick and Taryn. I am an avid reader and a musical fanatic.  I am currently working on my business professional E-book for service providers, my book telling my life story will be out later this Summer. I am always somewhere studying and learning new ways to improve on my work to continue to provide exceptional service to my clients. I’m a Goddess of Touch.